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This is the official site of the Cougar Ridge Residents Association (CRRA), and contains the most recent information on the annual CRRA Fee for upgraded landscaping.

Residents, Realtors and Law Firms requiring account status information should contact First Service Residential, the management firm directly, as detailed on the bottom of the Annual Fee page.

We’re excited for the coming year and the improvements we will be able to bring to the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for your support!


CRRA Board of Directors

About Us

The Cougar Ridge Residents Association (CRRA) is a community-run, not-for-profit public company established to undertake responsibility for the additional operations, maintenance and replacement services at a level of service over and above the standard of service provided by The City of Calgary, to the extent legally permissible, for the public utility lots, environmental reserves, municipal reserves, public walkways, road boulevards, road medians, entrance features and associated community and related signage.

The CRRA is responsible for the collection of the annual CRRA fee, payable against the Cougar Ridge Residents Association Encumbrance, and pursuant to the “Land Titles Act”. Every person owning a residence on the parcels of land that were developed by United Communities Inc., and Apex LP and Cougar Ridge Developers Ltd. is a member of the CRRA.

The CRRA employs the property management company First Service Residential to perform the administrative and day-to-day management duties on our behalf.

The Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 year consists of 5 board members as follows:

The following documents for the association are available: